Training a cockapoo isn’t only about teaching your pet how to be obedient and follow commands; it is also a matter of socializing him with others and the community he lives in.  However, before you begin his education, it is important that you first build some trust and establish a bond.  This is because a companion who trusts you is more willing to respect your authority and listen to you.

One of the first steps of training a cockapoo is handling.  This is something that should be done with the pooch soon after you welcome him home.  Handling is simply a matter of getting your companion familiar with being touched all over.  This may not sound like a difficult task to achieve and may seem rather insignificant but you would be amazed at how many dogs dislike being handled and the positive difference the technique can make.   For instance, it can be utilized to calm, sooth or praise your pal.

To start training a cockapoo you will want to gently handle specific parts of the poochie, almost as if you are conducting an examination.  Engage in the following exercise daily or as often as possible:

  • Lift their ears and peak inside
  • Open their mouth and expose their teeth
  • Touch their paws as well as in between their pads
  • Push back the fur on their feet to expose the nails
  • Hold each leg if the cock-a-poo is standing.  If he’s lying down, freely move his legs
  • Move the tail down, up and around
  • Rub his belly
  • Massage his face and muzzle

Once he becomes accustom to your touch, you will want to move on to training a cockapoo to accept handling that is linked to grooming.  Begin with gentle brushing.  Slowly move it across his body, sweeping the bristles away from his neck towards his tail.  At this time the purpose is not to ensure you fully groom your four-legged buddy’s coat but to get him accustomed to the feeling.  He will likely resist at first.  You will want to stop as soon as he shows signs of wanting to fight you.  When he calms, pick up where you left off.

As you handle him more and more, what you will find is that your cocka-poo will greatly enjoy your contact on some areas of his body (I.E. belly rubs, ear massages, etc.) and dislike others (I.E. touching his paws, opening his mouth, and so on).  What he does like you can use to your advantage when you wish to provide him with comfort or would like to create a stronger association with your praise when training.

Always bear in mind that training a cockapoo is more successful when he trusts you.  Handling is key to building this confidence.