Cockapoo training is something you can teach a dog on your own or with the help of a professional trainer.  Even though you can obtain virtually all of the teaching steps you will need in a book, video or online, if this is your first time owning a pooch it’s a smart idea to take him to an instructor.  This is not only for the good of his own development but it also provides you with the confidence and skills you require to enforce obedience commands effectively.

The following is what you should look for in a great trainer if you decide you would prefer to conduct your cockapoo training in a class environment:

  • Humane training methods that will not bring harm to you or your dog.
  • An approachable person willing to have fun and keep things interesting.
  • They will invite you to sit in on another class, so you can experience what it is like prior to enrolling.
  • Encourage other family members who interact with the pet to watch (space permitting).
  • Provide clear explanations for each lesson taught.
  • Demonstrate all behaviors the owners will use for cockapoo training.
  • Provide time in class for practicing the lessons introduced that day and, should they need it, handlers can receive individual assistance and learn how to properly implement techniques.
  • Keep up-to-date about the latest innovative teaching tools and methods.

Knowing what makes a fabulous trainer is only half the battle, the second step is to actually find an instructor, the right type of class and enroll in cockapoo training.  Here’s how you can go about finding a suitable place:

  • Decide what class you will be joining – I.E. puppy school, basic obedience, etc.
  • Ask your vet, and other owners for recommendations.
  • Check the yellow pages or your local newspaper for advertisements.
  • Conduct an Internet search.
  • Talk to the trainer and find out what breeds they have experience with and if they’ve ever trained a cock-a-poo.
  • Check their references.

Finally, remember that even if you take your pooch to classes, you will still need to carry out cockapoo training at home.  Going over lessons is how your doggie will learn.  The more you practice with him, the faster he will catch on and the sooner he can begin grasping new commands.