Cockapoo rescue is something many people look into when they are considering obtaining a dog.  This is fantastic because there are many canines out there who are hoping for another chance to join a loving family.  While it is important for rescues to always be an option that is considered by potential owners, it is equally as significant for those interested to take the time to find out how these organizations function.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the wrong assumptions to be made about a cockapoo rescue.  This can create a problem because sometimes when a person learns the actual facts compared to what they thought, they become disinterested in adoption.  To make sure you are not surprised with any disappointing discoveries, the following is what you should know.  Note: The information below typically applies to most rescues.

You can not pick and choose the dog you want – Just because there may be cockapoos available, this doesn’t mean you will be given one.  The dogs at the shelter are carefully matched to interested owners to ensure that there is decent compatibility.  Therefore, you may not be able to select the color or the size of the hybrid you want.

Puppies usually are not available – Although some cockapoo rescue locations will have pups for adoption, this is not common and you are more likely to find young adult, middle aged and senior cockapoos.

Dog may have issues – Many of the canines that are rescued come from unpleasant living conditions.  This could mean they were physically abused, never cleaned or cared for, not socialized or provided with training, kept in a cage, etc.  Thus, they may have developed behavioral problems, such as extreme shyness or aggression.  Hence, not every spoodle will be an ideal family pet suitable for children.  You need to find out about a dog’s past and spend time interacting with him prior to making any commitments.

No first come first serve basis – Cockapoo rescue organizations will not necessarily allow you to adopt one of their four-legged friends before others who may have made the request after you.  Never lose sight of the fact that rescuers consent to adoptions only once a suitable pet can be found.

Expect a lot of questions and an in-house visit – You will be required to fill out a detailed form that will include personal questions about your lifestyle, such as the type of dwelling you reside at, if you have children, your experience with dogs, etc.  If you are approved, one of the workers will come to your home to make sure it meets the requirement of your future companion.

There may be other regulations you should be aware of, so find out everything there is to know about the cockapoo rescue that interests you.