Keeping a cockapoo puppy safe may be easier said than done if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to provide him with a secure home environment.  Though it might not seem like it, the average home is a virtual death trap for canines, particularly puppies.  Why? There are many items within rooms that are hazardous to your animal, such as electric wires, phone cords, small plastic toys, household cleaners, plants and food to name a few.

Until your cockapoo puppy has outgrown his chewing phase, has gained some independence and has more of your trust, you cannot afford to risk his health by leaving things lying around or making them easily accessible.   Thus, here’s what you need to do:

Conceal those wires – Put them behind televisions, shelving units or into the wall if this is possible.   Cockapoos that chew on electrical cords not only put themselves at risk, but a damaged wire can also lead to someone else obtaining an electric shock.

Keep floors clean – Make sure you, your children and any other family members refrain from leaving things on the floor that your pet may put in his mouth (I.E. toys, games, shoes, clothing, etc.).  These items can be damaged – or worse – your little cockapoo puppy could choke on them.

Move tempting objects to unreachable levels – If you have knickknacks on shelves, coffee tables or other low-to-the-ground surfaces where your poochie can get at them, move them out of reach.  This is especially important when you cannot supervise him.

Don’t leave any food lying around – Many human foods are toxic to canines including chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes and alcohol to name a few.  Animals can become very sick, poisoned or choke depending on what they ingest.

Hide chemicals and cleaning products – Keep any household cleaners and other harmful chemical products that are lethal to any cockapoo puppy locked in cupboards, on high shelves or in the garage.

Get rid of toxic plants – You may not know this, but many common house plants are actually poisonous to our four-legged friends if they are ingested, such as ivy, yew, oleander, azalea, hibiscus, holly mistletoe and dieffenbachia.  If you have any of these or other dangerous flora it is best if you simply remove them from your home.