Aside from being very sweet, cockapoo puppies have other benefits that may appeal to you if you are interested in becoming a dog owner.  Many people don’t realize that designer pooches are more than just “fashionable” or popular, they also make fantastic pets that are long lived, loving and loyal companions.

Though you may discover many ways that cockapoo puppies can be beneficial to your life, here are three wonderful reasons why choosing this particular hybrid may be a great option for you:

1 – Fewer health problems – One of the biggest pitfalls of owning a purebred pooch is the fact that many of them are prone to a number of physical ailments.   These issues develop overtime and are typically the result of past inbreeding that occurred in an effort to keep lines pure.  Although cockapoos can still inherit certain health conditions from their poodle and cocker spaniel ancestors, usually genetic problems are not as much of a threat because the genes of cokapoo puppies have been mixed.

In fact, it is commonly known that a hybrid is likely to have fewer instances of hereditary diseases because the doubling of damaging effects will cease with the first generation.   The less risk there is of inherited illnesses the better chance your pet has at living a longer life.  What’s more, it can also mean fewer trips to the vet!

2 – Low Allergen – Cockapoo puppies are considered non-shedders.  This doesn’t mean they do not lose any fur, it simply means it falls out similar to how humans shed hair verses falling out in clumps.  As a result, people who are allergic to regularly shedding dogs or who suffer from asthma may find that they can tolerate the spoodle.  That being said, understand that low-allergen does not mean allergy-free.  Furthermore, some individuals are not only hypersensitive to fur, but also the dog’s dander and saliva.

3 – Friendly and diverse companion– The average cock-a-poo is friendly and well-mannered.  He is lively and loves to play but can also be very calm and affectionate.  Since he is bred in different sizes ranging from toy to standard he is suitable for virtually everyone because both small and larger varieties are available.    He is highly and easily trainable, suitable for apartment life, and enjoys the company of children and other pets.

As you can see, there are many aspects about cockapoo puppies that make them a desirable pet.  Therefore, if you are considering owning a doggie you might want to research and take this hybrid into consideration.