Cockapoo grooming should be done on a daily basis due to the fact that this breed has a very curly or wavy coat that can easily become matted.  The best way to keep the hair shiny, healthy and strong is to brush and comb them everyday, provide your pet with an occasional hair-clipping and a proper bath every month or two.

Since cockapoo grooming fur care is an important part of your dog’s wellbeing, it is in your best interest to familiarize him with it at an early age, so he doesn’t resent the process when he is older.  To begin with, you will need to obtain a slicker style brush for a general allover hair sweep and a metal comb that will penetrate through the fur layers to the skin for a more thorough job.  Brushing should be done first and then followed up with the combing to make sure you didn’t miss any knots.

When you groom your companion be careful not to pull, yank or roughly rake the brush/comb through his hair.  The reason is if you happen to snag a matt, pulling it will hurt your animal.  Moreover, you’ll want to make sure you don’t scrape their skin with the comb’s tines or the brush’s bristles.  Take it slow and work out tangles by firmly holding tight to the coat between the skin and the knot to prevent yanking the root as you work out the mess.  If it’s too matted and you are only breaking hairs, cut it out with a pair of scissors instead of trying to pick it apart.

Prior to bathing your four-legged pal, you will want to ensure his coat is free of any knots, as wetting them will only make it more impossible to get out.  You should also be sure to bathe him with proper dog-safe shampoo and conditioner to make cockapoo grooming easier after the bath.  It is best to engage in coat trimmings after washing him.  Make sure he is fully dry first, as you will achieve a much better end result.

Finally, keep in mind that the longer you let your pet’s fur grow, the more frequently he will need to be groomed.  Therefore, if you wish to reduce cockapoo grooming, keep him clipped short, in a puppy-cut, and make sure he is brushed at least twice per week.