Cockapoo dogs are, without question, adorable.  They are curly fluff balls that have a sweet nature, are loyal and affectionate.  They are very friendly, lively and intelligent, generally getting along with everyone.  Many people find them to be a fine family pet.  However, before you decide that this designer breed is the right choice for you, there are a few things you need to think about prior to making any assumptions about this dog.

First and foremost, cockapoo dogs are hybrids, which means they are not purebreds and will not always look or act the same.  In order to understand the type of doggie characteristics you will be dealing with, you need to study the temperaments and various qualities that define the cocker spaniel and poodle breeds they were developed from.  It is also mandatory for you to obtain the pup from an experienced breeder who has carefully selected the canines in their breeding program to ensure healthy and well tempered cockapoos.

That being said, although there is no official standard for the cock-a-poo, the following are general facts regarding the crossbreed:

Origins – Spoodles are the result of breeding the various poodle sizes to either an American or English Cocker Spaniel.  They are believed to have existed since the 1950’s in the U.S. but did not actually gain popularity until the 1960’s.

Size – There are typically three different sizes recognized and their approximate height and weight are as follows:

  • Toy – 6 – 12 pounds and less than 10 inches high
  • Miniature -13 – 18 pounds and 14-15 inches high
  • Standard – 19 + pounds and 15 + inches high

Coat – There are three types of coats for cockapoo dogs: tight curl, medium curl/wavy and a flat coat.  They can come in any solid or color combination.   Shedding is very minimal making the dog an option for some allergy sufferers.

Grooming – All coat varieties need to be brushed regularly.  Daily brushings are ideal but if not possible a few times per week is a necessity.  Monthly baths, once a month nail clippings, and hair trims every few months are required.

Energy – Though they are active, they are suitable to apartment life and will do fine without a yard to run around in permitted they are walked once per day.

Sociability – They can get along with children and other pets as long as they have been properly socialized from puppyhood and are supervised when around young kids.  Cockapoo dogs are usually accepting of strangers and are relatively good watchdogs.

Trainability – They are very smart and fast learners and will respond well to firm, gentle and consistent training.

Health – There are no notable health problems that affect this cross-breed but they should still be watched for hereditary issues that might affect their purebred parents, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, ear infections, etc.  Cockapoo dogs live an average of 18+ years.