Cockapoo breeders should be investigated using very similar principles that would apply when looking for a reputable purebred breeder.  In short, your goal is to find a professional that is dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing and favorable characteristics of the dogs they produce.  You can achieve this objective by making certain the places you find and are interested in meet certain standards.

Not sure what standards they should meet?  The following are questions you should ask cockapoo breeders:

How long have you been in the cock-a-poo breeding business? You will want someone who has experience with hybrids because they need to understand how to properly choose a canine for their program to achieve the best outcome.  You don’t want to conduct dealings with anyone who places the value of money over the value of a healthy happy animal.

What generation of cockapoos do you produce? There is first-generation (F1), which are cocka-poos produced by an American or English cocker spaniel and a poodle.  Second-generation (F2), this is the crossing of two F1 type.  Third-generation (F3), this results from mating two F2s or an F2 with an F3 or multi-generation (I.E. F5).  Multiple generations is breeding two F3s or a 3rd gen with anything higher.  All generations of these designer pets are considered true spoodle as long as their original roots began half-cocker and half-poodle.

What have you done to ensure the success of your program? Just as it would be a necessity when producing purebreds, reputable cockapoo breeders should cautiously select the type of pooches they breed to deter health problems, unwanted temperaments, coat colors, fur texture, etc.  A dog’s ancestry can play a huge role in his mental and physical development.  Therefore, you don’t want to mix just any female and male together.  Careful selection is vital to guarantee a pet with a sweet, intelligent, friendly and calm disposition.

Have you done anything to certify the health of your animals? For instance, have the canines, especially the purebreds, been certified with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to ensure they are free from hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, etc.?

Other important factors you will want to investigate when checking up on cockapoo breeders include making certain…

  • Puppies have been taken to a vet, have been de-wormed and received all required immunizations.
  • Pups are raised in a warm, clean and comfortable indoor environment.
  • Fed a quality diet.
  • Dew claws were safely removed.
  • Receive regular love, attention and some training.

Never forget, decent cockapoo breeders are those who put the well-being of their dogs first.  They take their job seriously, love the breed and want it to be the best it can be.